Do you need custom images for your business or clients? 

Do you need images that makes your social media or website beautiful, displaying your work?

Well now you can have designer worthy custom photos you've always dreamed of!

Introducing Custom Styled Stock Photos by JennaRedfieldDesigns

A one-of-a-kind, personal mockup builder built by a human and not fake looking photoshop!

Types of Custom Stock Photos you can get


Overhead shots of products, like office supplies.

Mockups (blank props, usually electronics):


Custom Etsy & Website Banners, with extra long width to display many items.

  • Blank Frames
  • Blank iPad
  • Blank iPhone
  • Blank Computer (Desktop or Laptop)

Product Photography

Custom Mug Mockups
Custom Product Photography

Why you need JennaRedfieldDesigns Custom Stock Photography:

Hey all! I'm Jenna

Hey all! I'm Jenna

Experienced Stock Photographer
I have a passion for creating beautiful stock images for creative entrepreneurs. With high end photography equipment as well as years of experience, you will receive beautiful stock photos for your business.

Hundreds of Props (in all colors of the rainbow):
With hundreds of beautiful props to choose from, you can get unparalleled photos with your brand colors (yes we do offer yellow & purple props-unlike many!)

Unique Ordering Process
Super easy & super custom! I've photographed each prop and you can select which prop you want in your photos! Keeping scrolling to learn more

Prop catalog

You can pick from the following options for your photos on my custom order form.

22 Backdrop Options!

Pick which electronics you want (laptop? Desktop? iPad?)

Choose from hundreds of props to be added for your selection! Get super custom photos!


Custom Stock Photos can be different for different types of businesses.

What I've boiled down to is three main types of businesses need styled stock 

Custom stock Photo Ordering Process

How the Custom Stock process works in just 3 easy steps!


1. Contact me below to learn more or click order now to get your contract, invoice & Order form. I use for all communications & forms. It's a super easy and intuitive online ordering process! 

2. Select which props you want in the photo on the order form I send, including the package you want.

3. Depending on what package you ordered, you can also either send me products or request products to be purchased for the project. Please indicate that on the order form.  We will begin the process from there! 

Custom Images: Perfect for


Designers: Computer, iPad & Iphone Mockups

Graphic & Web Designers use custom stock for 

  • iPad & iPhone Mockups to display logos
  • Desktop Mockups to display Website Designs
  • Stock Photos for clients website

Product Based: Etsy, E-Commerce & Product Makers

Etsy, E-Commerce & Product Makers use custom stock for

  • Custom Etsy Banners
  • Product Mockups
  • Product Photography

Service Based: Bloggers & Small Business Social Media Images

Online Businesses & Blogs use custom stock for

  • Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more
  • Website photos & banners
  • Blog Photos