Logo/Additional Graphic Designs Needs

Meet Allison from Allison Marie Designs

Allison is a local designer I know and trust and she offers many branding elements that I don't, including logos, style and branding guides, and squarespace web design. 

I refer many clients to her and then tell them to come back once they've figured out their colors and graphic design elements for some custom stock images.

Here's Allison's intro! Get an exclusive JennaRedfieldDesigns discount by clicking the link below! *Note you must purchase one of my images/packages first to get the discount. You can delay the package until after working with Allison, or you can work with me first and then Allison.

Hello! I'm Allison, the graphic designer behind AllieMarie Design. I help small businesses with big hearts take their visual identity and marketing to the next level with clean, minimalist, engaging designs. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together that will help your business thrive!

Work with Allison: www.alliemariedesign.com/jenna-redfield